Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Mero Hajur 2 Featuring Anmol KC

A Mero Hajur 2
Anmol KC in another movie "A Mero Hajur 2" - With Jharana Thapa on the right and Suwani Thapa

Nepali Actress Jharana Thapa has not been seen in the Nepali movie industry for a while. Now she is into the movie direction. She is the second actress turned director after Rekha Thapa who successfully directed the movie Himmatwali (2014).

Actress Jharana Thapa is directing the movie "A Mero Hajur 2" a sequel of "A Mero Hajur". In the movie "A Mero Hajur 2" Anmol KC, Swatantra Pratap Shah and Jharana Bajracharya herself will be playing. This movie is planned to start its shooting from the end of Falgun 2071 B.S. Actor Anmol KC will also be busy in other 2 movies "Dreams" and "Gangster Blue" which has been planned for 2015.

Anmol KC's DREAMS Coming Soon

Anmol KC and his dad
Bhuwan KC and Anmol KC

Popular nepali actor Bhwan KC is making a new movie called "Dreams" starring his own son Anmol KC in lead role. Dreams is planned to be shooted in Pokhara and Kathmandu from the mid of Falgun 2071 B.S.(February 2015) which will be produced and directed by Bhuwan KC himself. This will be Bhuwan KC's debut movie direction under his home production kajal Films. The actress for the movie is not yet chosen although there is more possibility that Anna Sharma will be selected for this movie.

Actor Anmol KC has been successful in his previous two movies Hostel and Jerryy both of which were directed by Hem Raj BC. Anmol has also signed another movie "Gangster Blue" which will be directed by Hem Raj BC but Anmol will only work on it after the completion of "Dreams".

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mala Subba - A Short Biography

Mala Subba Nepali Actress
Mala Subba is a model turned nepali actress and she is appearing in the the movie "One Way" which is releasing on February 13, 2015 [Falgun 1, 2071 B.S] Mala will be acting opposite debut actor Siddartha Gurung. Mala was selected by director Suraj Subba for One Way. The Singaporre born and raised actress Mala has some difficulty in speaking nepali language fluently but she is making improvement on it. She is a fan of bollywood actor Salman Khan and she has a dream to do an item dance with Salman Khan.

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Age: 23 Years

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Punarjanma Poster
Punarjanma is a new nepali movie releasing on March 6, 2015 featuring Aaryan Sigdel, keki Adhikari, Gajit Bista and Susmita Shahi in lead roles. In this movie Aaryan Sigdel and Gajit Bista can be seen as an army.

Tentative Released Date: 6th March 2015 [Falgun 22, 2015]
Cast: Aaryan Sigdel, Keki Adhikari, Gajit Bista, Susmita Shahi

Story: Sudarshan Shrestha
Cinematography: Shiva Dhakal, Nawaraj Thapa
Music: Basanta Sapkota and Jayanta Sapkota
Action: Asta Maharjan

Produced By: Mohan Krishna Shrestha, Bhadra Bahadur Shahi
Directed By: Sajan Shrestha

Production: MK Entertainment
Movie Duration/length:

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